The Periyar River Lodge is aesthetically built, with the 75-year-old basic structure in teakwood still in immaculate condition, and an added extension to this basic wooden structure to expand it into a traditional 'nalukettu'.


DiningThe architectural concept of a 'nalukettu,' of an open courtyard in the middle of the house with the four wings of the house built around this open courtyard, is a genre of ancient Hindu architecture in Kerala that was used to accommodate the erstwhile joint-families.

BedroomThe Lodge contains 2 bedrooms, each of which is configured with either a double bed or two single beds, with attached en suite bathroom with all modern amenities. The bedrooms are completely made of wood with large wooden windows overlooking the river.

Bathroom In keeping with this distinctive architecture, the bathrooms have open-air rooftops and provide facilities of a modern urban setup.

BedroomA spacious lounge separates the two bedrooms, with the open central courtyard beside it. There is a clear view of the Periyar River in front of the Lodge from this lounge.


Built around the lodge is a large verandah where guests can relax on the traditional 'Charu Kasera' (leaning chair) or the comfortable swing, for an unfiltered view of the Periyar River amidst contiguous hills and the luxuriant green forests.



We hope to impart an experience of Kerala, both relaxed and personalized, with high standards of service. We have an in-house cook and caretaker to attend to the needs of our guests. Our caretaker oversees all requirements that our guests have including organizing specific treks or tours that suit our guests’ interests to ensure they have a comfortable and memorable stay.



We believe in keeping things simple but delicious. The menu has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to choose from a limited list. The cuisine, essentially Keralite, gives our guests the opportunity to savor some of Kerala’s well-known tastes and flavours. Alternatively, for those guests who seek to spend most of their time outdoors, we do provide packed breakfast and lunch. Our guests would need to inform us in advance of any special dietary requirements to enable us to make appropriate arrangements.